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Products Recommendations

I have tried many products (tools, finishes, adhesives, etc.) while making tables and other items. I have affiliate links to some of my favorites below. None of these are sponsors; just products I really use because I like them.

Where possible or necessary, I have included my reasons for using these and common applications for each product.

Nothing matches your wood like your wood. That is the reason for making dowel rods with this jig. When building a project out of cherry, oak, or black walnut, creating a dowel that perfectly matches the color and grain of the wood is a quick process. I use offcuts from the project and trim them to the rough diameter, put it in a drill, and slide it through this jig. A perfect match every time.

This is a great solution for sanding in tight spaces or in coves and other cavaties that a orbital sander cannot reach. I use it when milling out spaces for a chess board or a serving tray.

I use Eye Candy Pigments to produce stunning epoxy resin details. From small coasters and charcuterie boards, to desks, coffee tables and full size river dining and conference tables. Endless color choices (including the option to combine two or more to make something truly unique) make Eye Candy Pigments my go-to for every epoxy application. Get big savings by using coupon code HandmadebyRonald at checkout. You save and you help support my small business at the same time!

I use this epoxy for everything from river tables to coasters. I love the workability and consistency - both very important when doing big work or builing with multiple pours. Available in table top (thinnest layers), 24 thick pour (1-2 inch pours), and deep pour (2-4 inch depth).

This is my first choice for wood finishing. It is a 2-part mix of oil and accelerator. The oil penetrates the wood grain and the accelerator causes it to cure quickly (about 24 hours) to become a great water resistant finish. The result is beautiful and the wood still looks and feels like wood.

StarBond CA Glue is my go-to solution for filling cracks, knots and even tear out in my wood projects. It is available in clear, brown and black to blend in with the wood grain. It dries hard in seconds and sands down smooth. Wood finish covers it perfectly (unlike wood glue).