"My daughter loves the ocean, so for Christmas I asked Ron to make an ocean table for me. He used an olive wood, which I thought was a great choice as it looked like beach sand, and the color choice for the water was Bora-Bora blue. Perfect!! I love it so much and it will be in our family for generations."
Anne R.

Handcrafted Hardwood Tables

I build natural hardwood tops combined with steel or wooden legs to produce unique and beautiful furniture. I specialize in dining tables, conference tables, desks, and coffee tables. Each project is is individually crafted to produce one-of-a-kind custom items for your home.

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custom woodworking : Yachtie Desk

Yachtie Desk

This desk is African mahogany with maple. The customer is a serious boater and wanted this nautical style for his computer desk on Cape Cod. Stunning colors!

Show Stoppers

I am a premier furniture designer and builder based in Northwood, NH. I deliver all over New England and ship nationwide.

Every project starts with a vision and detailed design discussions. Collaboration is the key to a great product. I take pride in producing the highest quality, one-of-a-kind tables. My goal is for your project to be a show stopping, conversation starting statement that you will love for many years.
custom woodworking : Live Edge Classic

Live Edge Classic

A live edge black walnut table is a timeless classic. Paired with metal legs, this entertainment masterpiece can transition from casual to formal for hosting any gathering. From daily dining, to holidays with extended family, to business dinners and fundraisers, this table is perfect for all occasions. And it doesn't hurt that live edge is just drop dead gorgeous.
custom woodworking : Walnut River Desk

Walnut River Desk

This desk was made to fit exactly into a bedroom alcove. Built from a single live edge walnut slab, the desk is just over 1.5 inches thick and finished to be a very smooth writing surface.

Wood Selection

Hardwoods are perfect for tables. My projects are typically crafted from black walnut, oak, ash, and maple. I source my wood locally and have access to many exotic species, burls, and live edge slabs. During our design discussions, we will ensure that the wood species and the end result (color, smoothness, and finish) match. It is always best to start with a wood that is closest to the color you desire rather than picking a species and trying to stain it to look like the color you need. This leverages the natural color and grain of the wood.
custom woodworking : Modern Walnut Dining Table

Modern Walnut Dining Table

This is a solid walnut table with angled legs to maximize the seating area. It is finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Black and ceramic for extra durability. The table is 40 x 74 inches and should comfortably seat six people. Each leg includes two adjustable feet for added stability.
custom woodworking : Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut Coffee Table

Black walnut combined with translucent blue epoxy. This large coffee table sits on four custom made walnut legs.
custom woodworking : Red Epoxy Table

Red Epoxy Table

I made this table while interning at Lighthouse Woodworks in Boston. This was strictly a learning experience, and the table now lives in their showroom. The whole point was to make something different, try to end up with glossy epoxy, add islands, and make the trestle legs. I'm so proud of this table.
custom woodworking : Olive and Epoxy Coffee Table

Olive and Epoxy Coffee Table

This table was a labor of love. I had a vision for it and, despite my efforts, it did not come out the way I planned. Ultimately, I had to change directions with it three times. Now it is different from my plan, but a beautiful table that I am very proud to have completed. Available for purchase
custom woodworking : Bath Table

Bath Table

This was a project I did for my own bathroom. Anne found this small reclaimed redwood burl at our local hardwood store. I cleaned it up and finished it, then made a base from oak craps I had in the shop. The basic stand allows the burl to be the star. Now, it holds the wine ready for a relaxing soak.
custom woodworking : Breadboards


Farmhouse table crafted in ash. The boards are chamfered to accentuate each component. The breadboard ends was a finishing touch that really added to the farmhouse feel.
custom woodworking : Ocean Table

Ocean Table

This was originally commissioned to be wall art, but the wood and epoxy ended up quite heavy and would require significant hardware to hang. Instead, it was decided to make this a table. This ocean table has the distinction of being the first woodworking piece I ever sold.