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Stroll Winchester Article

I was featured in the February, 2024, issue of Stroll Winchester magazine. Below are the pages from that interview.

Ronald Lohse - interview cover photo
How did your love of woodworking start?
Despite growing up in an Air Force family moving around the country and around the world every few years, we always had a workshop. My dad was a hobbyist, and I learned about wood, tools and safety from him. Later, we had a family business renovating homes. Even though I fell in love with computer programming, this background was firmly rooted.

Can you elaborate on your journey into a woodworking career?
I discovered Lighthouse Woodworks near the Boston Airport a few years ago. I reached out to the owners and was soon accepted as an apprentice there. I was drawn to tables that accentuated the natural beauty of wood. I learned specific techniques for building and finishing tables as well as the tools required. Lighthouse also shared many of the processes they used to ensure consistent quality.

Were there any tools you needed to acquire to enhance your craft?
Rather than invest in every tool that an established shop needs, I chose to invest in a few premium systems combined with a membership to a maker space. This is a business that offers professional and industrial tools for a small monthly fee. This has worked well for me; I can do most of the work in my shop, but I can also take a short drive as needed to mill larger projects quickly.

Can you explain how hardwood tables support conservation, sustainable design and art?
Conservation and sustainability is integral to every piece I build. When I consider design, the overall result is always either good or bad. If a project is wasteful or ends up in a landfill quickly, that is just bad design. All of my values, be it social and ecological responsibility, customer focus, artistic expression, practical durability, and design elegance are combined and realized in each table I make. Furthermore, I strive to uphold a zero waste policy by upcycling any cut-offs or scraps into smaller projects and household items.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey in furniture crafting?
I was surprised by the emotional response from my earliest clients. Every table starts with a design collaboration, and I share updates as the build progresses, but the reactions I see and hear on delivery day are priceless. It is an immediate affirmation that motivates me to exceed expectations every time.

What are your aspirations for the future of Handmade by Ronald Lohse?
This business is a second career for me, and I expected it to be closer to a hobby than it is already. I have been lucky to have a steady flow of commissions and even a waiting list at times. I love it, and I am already making plans to build a new workshop next year. I don’t know that I want to hire employees, but I do imagine taking on a student or an apprentice to share my knowledge and passion.

What is the best way to see your work?
My website,, has all my recent, finished work. I also post articles about various table topics there. For those who want a deeper dive and some behind the scenes action, look for @handmade_by_ronald_lohse on Instagram.