Interior designers love custom furniture, but even they will admit it is not necessary for every occasion. When is the best time to consider adding custom furniture to your home?

Find what you love

Custom furniture becomes an excellent choice when you struggle to discover a piece that truly resonates with your preferences. Opting for custom-made furniture empowers you to exert influence over every facet of the item. This ensures you attain the precise design and unique features you desire, allowing your vision to become a tangible reality.

Fit your space

Secondly, custom furniture serves as the ideal solution when you require a piece tailored to fit a particular or unconventional space within your home. Settling for an ill-fitting, inexpensive furniture piece and attempting to modify it to suit the available space can often lead to unnecessary additional expenses. Opting for custom-made furniture ensures a perfect fit, sparing you from these inconveniences and extra costs.

Reuse existing furniture

Lastly, buying custom is a great option if you are trying to up cycle an existing piece of furniture. Craftsmen can offer guidance on how to best use your existing furniture and modify it to work for your current needs. 

When you compare the cost of high quailty bespoke furniture to the same quality from a traditional furniture store, you will find that the price is not so different. Instead of paying for shipping, marketing, and overhead, your purchase goes right into craftsmanship and personal design. Definitely consider custom furniture when you can't find just the right item, you have an unusual space to fill, or you have an existing item that could be reconfigured.