The simple path to ownership

One of the most common questions I hear is, “How does ordering a custom table work?” We all know what to expect when we shop for furniture at a store; you pick something from one of a hundred suggested dining room displays, the salesperson takes a payment and tells you when to expect delivery. But ordering furniture crafted just for you is a bit different. Here’s how it works.

Vision and Planning

It all begins with a conversation about your needs and vision. You know how many people you entertain, the space you have, and your own sense of style. If you have inspiration photos, we share those. During our conversation we translate your vision into a tangible design.

Design into Action

Based on the initial discussions, I will prepare renderings or photos that represent the table to be built. I also send a price quote that details the materials, cost, and estimated start and end dates. Once we agree that the design and price are good to go, I collect a 50% deposit and purchase materials including wood, finish, and joinery hardware.

Build and Deliver

As the table is created, I send updates and photos of the process. As I approach the finish line, I will schedule delivery with you. Depending on the table size, I usually bring help and do any final assembly in place. The second half of the purchase price is due on delivery.

After the delivery

I will discuss furniture care, take some photos, and encourage you to stay in touch. I will probably ask you to leave a review of your experience, too.

That’s it! Owning a solid hardwood table and supporting local small business is just that easy.