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Handmade by Ronald Lohse, a furniture venture rooted in a lifelong passion for woodworking, took shape after decades of prosperous ventures in a different professional arena. My journey began in 1983 when I set my sights on becoming a computer programmer, immersing myself in problem-solving, mathematics, syntax, algorithms, and the allure of elegant coding challenges. This dedication spanned over 30 years, during which I played a pivotal role as one of the original developers at the renowned travel site,, dedicating 18 years to the company.

Parallel to my flourishing career, I nurtured a hobby in woodworking, crafting items for my home and accumulating a significant arsenal of tools along the way. In 2021, my interest pivoted towards crafting tables of diverse styles and sizes. To further hone my skills, I embarked on a part-time internship at Lighthouse Woodworks in Boston, acquiring additional tools tailored to this newfound passion.

As my craft evolved, I found myself inundated with requests after crafting a dining table for a friend. Juggling table-making during nights and weekends, managing social media to spread the word, and developing my own website became an exhilarating yet demanding endeavor. It wasn't until a Caribbean vacation with my supportive wife, Anne, that the decision to retire from the world of computers and launch a table company crystallized. I remain profoundly grateful for Anne's unwavering support and the incredible clients I've had the pleasure of meeting since that pivotal moment.

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