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Office Tables

Handcrafted desks and conference tables

Office culture starts with furniture

Many of us spend most of our waking hours in the office. This space is usually curated to create a productive atmosphere that promotes creativity and communication. A key component to a successful work environment is the desks and tables that populate the space. These should reflect the business, the values you promote, and the atmosphere you want to create for your employees.

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Make it your own

A desk or conference table should be built to last, but also designed with an eye toward value with quality details that will make it a beautiful and practical addition to your work space.

A dining table for your home can personalized with decorative elements and customized according to your own specific needs and taste. The table design should reflect your home's decor and your personal sensibilities.

Why should you buy a handcrafted table?

Every handcrafted table I make is custom-designed to order. This includes choosing wood, legs, hardware and finishes. Unlike tables from a big-box store, my custom tables are built by hand, one by one. I never skimp on the quality of the wood and never resort to using veneers or pressed wood like you find in many mass-produced pieces. I also pay meticulous attention to every detail on each table; I select the best wood, metal, epoxy, and finishing products available.

A beautiful custom wood table can transform your office space and become the foundation for the ideal company culture.

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Selecting Wood

If you've been searching for the right tables and desks for your office but haven't been able to find them in a big-box store, find out more about what I can offer. Many of my tables start with reclaimed wood, usually oak or walnut. The use of reclaimed wood means owning a handcrafted table from my shop is like owning a piece of history. It's also a sustainable and earth-conscious process that takes the environment into account.

I also frequently work with live-edge slabs from new wood that allow the tree's own line to create a one-of-a-kind tabletop. A live-edge table lets you bring the unique beauty of nature indoors. Contact me to learn more about the type of wood I have available to meet your needs.

Ready to start your custom office table or desk?

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