Get what you want. Buying custom furniture can be a significant investment, but the value of such a purchase makes it a bargain. The style, dimensions, wood selection, legs, apron and finish are all worked out with you and the builder to ensure your vision is realized.

Here are 4 great reasons to build a custom table (or any other furniture) instead of buying from a traditional furniture store. Plus, there is a bonus reason for all of you that read to the end.

Be Unique!

You are not the same as every other person. Our individuality is a big part of what makes each of us interesting. Your decor should reflect your personality in a consistent way. When you are designing or planning a room, you already have a picture in your head of various events, meals, moments and memories that you hope to realize. Now, you need to bring that vision to life with just the right furniture.

Strolling through endless aisles of tables at a furniture store is a disheartening way to discover that the "perfect" table isn't mass produced and in stock. But, many times, settling for one of these choices is exactly what happens.

A factory cranking out the latest "line" of tables is focused on cost and broad appeal.

When I am building a table for a client, I imagine the finished piece in place with a group of my client's friends and family gathered around. Maybe they are having a meal, or a celebration, or just standing around at a party. But the table needs to fit the space and decor and the client's personality and vision. 

Color and Material

Imagine visiting the sales desk at a furniture store and telling them, "I love that table, but could I get it in a darker walnut with some dark grain? Maybe a couple knots filled with color?"

That's going to be a quick, hard "No." 

When you design a table with a custom builder, these are exactly the conversations we have at the outset. My clients find inspiration all over the place. Internet photos and stories, hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. Why not discuss what you love and work toward a design that includes the materials, color, and style that is perfect for you?

Function and Fit

This is the most common reason my clients ask me for bespoke tables. They are frustrated with the selection available at the furniture store because the space they have needs a certain size to work well. 

Just sticking a table in a room does not solve every issue. You have in mind what function the table will serve. Dining table, conference table, kitchen table, coffee table, desk, hall or end table. Fulfilling that function in a sensible way for the space you have available is the key to solving both function and fit.

Whenever possible, I prefer to visit with a prospective client to see their space and hear their vision for the finished room. I have frequently taped out a table shape on the floor so we can visualize the space taken and the options for seating, serving, and walking around. In short, we make sure that the custom table will fit and function perfectly before we start building.

Here is a little more about when to consider custom furniture.

One-of-a-kind Top Quality

Buying custom furniture to your specifications from the master builder insures that you are getting a unique product unlike any others. Additionally, furniture stores cannot match the quality of individually crafted bespoke furniture. We pay special attention to every detail, ensuring that the end product is the right size and specification, meets your expectations, and is built for long-lasting quality.

Bonus: Support small business

There is a community of small businesses in your local area that depend on customers who value hand crafted, small batch products. Buying from these shops is a great way to support your community. Additionally, that support helps keep the craft trades going for another generation. Perhaps factory-made furniture is faster and less expensive, but there is value in supporting local craftsman who love making the perfect items for you.